Discount program

As a campsite owner you can participate for free and still profit from Camping Key Europe. Via and a brochure, you can reach a million potential customers free of charge. This number will likely increase because, in addition to the ADAC, the ANWB and the nordic campsite associations, more partners in the camping sector will is to join the initiative. These are all partners who give campsite owners the certainty that their guests are members of a trusted club. That’s a good feeling. Speaking of guarantees, one important aspect hasn’t yet been discussed: the Camping Key offers the cardholder third-person liability and accident insurance for all holidaymakers with the card. This is valid as long as they are on the campsite grounds. If a ball lands in the wrong place on a campsite the damage will be covered. Everywhere. At that sheltered pitch along the Rhône on the Spanish playa and on the banks of that Swedish lake. Camping Key Europe offers certainty and confidence to all parties involved. How can I join the discount program and what’s in it for me?

Please fill out our contact form to join Camping Key Alliance.