The company

Camping Key Europe is an alliance of companies to make camping in Europe easier. The owners of the company is ADACANWB, and four partners in Camping Card Scandinavia. They are represented by SCR- Swedish CampingCamping FinlandNHO- Reiseliv Norway and Camping Rådet, Denmark. The alliance was formed January 1 in 2012,  with our head office located in Göteborg, Sweden. A goal has been reached and there is more: The benefits for campers and campsite owners have increased.

Our new Camping Card joins together the biggest membership organisations issuing Camping and International and Camping Card Scandinavia in a new card with certainties you can rely on. Criss-cross through Europe with just one card. It is both an identity, discount and benefit card that gives access to campsites throughout Europe. From the fjords of Norway to the sunny coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Camping Key Europe is the new gateway to campsites.