About us

The story behind the card
Europe has it all. There are so many landscapes to explore, cultures to discover, people to meet. Europe is united. It’s so fine that you can travel in Europe without many obstacles. Borders have often practically disappeared and now you only need one camping card: Camping Key Europe.

This new Camping Card joins together the biggest membership organisations issuing Camping Card International and Camping Card Scandinavia in a new card. This is both an identity, discount and benefit card that gives access to campsites throughout Europe. From the fjords of Norway to the sunny coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Camping Key Europe is the new gateway to campsites.

The card is new and the name is new, but the partners aren’t. Camping Key Europe is the result of cooperative efforts on the part of the ADAC, the ANWB and the four partners in Camping Card Scandinavia, and more partners are expected to join soon. More than 1 million green cards are already  made.

In addition, the ADAC and the ANWB have also chosen to produce a yellow paper discount card under the same name as ours. Holders of this yellow card will also be able to take part of discounts offered. About 350,000 copies of the yellow Camping Key Europe will be distributed. This card contains the well-known ADAC CampCard discount programme. Now you can make it easier for your customers and members to camp in Europe.