Insurance Cover

Insurance cover

The insurance under this agreement shall compensate the cost arising out of sudden and unforeseen events where a CKA member, with a valid and registered Card, checks in to a campsite, a cottage or a hotel and then leaves without paying for their stay.

The insurance covers only the actual cost (excluding value-added tax) that the CKA member (the “Guest”) should have paid to the campsite had the Guest not evaded payment. The insurance will not compensate the campsite or CKA for any additional costs, fees or similar costs that may arise in connection with a Guest leaving without paying.

The insurance covers only evasion incidents taking place in Europe.

The insurance will cover a loss only if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The Guest holds a valid and registered Card at the time when he leaves the campsite without paying,
  • The Guest’s stay at the campsite has not exceeded one weeks,
  • A letter of demand has been sent to the Guest, and
  • The incident has been reported to the police,
  • The incident has been reported to Solid within 30 days.

The insurance covers a maximum amount of EUR 500 for each separate loss.

The notification and the documents set forth above shall be sent to:
Säkra skadeavdelning
Sveavägen 159
113 46 Stockholm
Telephone: +46(0)8 540 804 40

Download the claims form (dodger) here >> EN | DE | SE