About the card


Above all else, Camping Key Europe is an identity card. A passport is no longer necessary, and registering is easy. Identification data is given in print and in digital form on the card. It saves a lot of time at campsites that can use this option when checking in, and your passport stays in your pocket! A second function is that of a discount and benefit card, which both campers and campsites can profit from.

Camping Key Europe is a personal card and can be used for both identification, benefits and discounts.The colour of the card is green and, being plasticized, strong and durable. ADAC and ANWB  offers a yellow paper discount card. This card contains the well-known ADAC Camp Card discount programme, and is not a personal card. More than one million cards are already made. Whether they have a green, personal card or a yellow paper card, their neighbour will never have a lower price. It is always up to the campsite owner to decide what price and for what period the offer is valid. This is possible all year round, even in the high season if the campsite offers it. They may offer discounts as well, and renting accommodation or travelling with a camper can also profit from these attractive discounts.

One important aspect hasn’t yet been discussed: the Camping Key offers the cardholder third-person liability insurance for all holidaymakers with a green, personal card. This insurance is valid as long as they are on the campsite grounds. Camping Key Europe offers certainty and confidence to all parties involved.


Discounts and offers from more than 2200 campsites throughout Europe.

Accident and third-party insurance: camping park area, motor home site area, rental house/bungalow at commersial resort and hotels in Europe. Read more about the insurance here >>.

Benefits from all over Europe:
Discounts on ferries, bridges, way tolls etc.
Adventure & Experiences – museums, amusement parks, parks & ZOO etc.
Food & Beverages – from fast food to exclusive dining
Pick N Mix – car repair, insurances, gas etc.

Identification – fast check in and check out without *passport.
*Please note that local authorities in certain parts of Europe demand a passport even though they are within the Schengen agreement.